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Do you feel aversion to technical innovations? Do you want to create an online course? You know it’s time to make your website, but you think about it, you are overcome by powerlessness? Or maybe your to do list has too many points, you don’t want to do everything yourself, or you simply don’t have time.

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Creating website on WordPress

Do you want to have a well-designed website but don’t want to do it yourself anymore? Are you lost in the whole nomenclature? Maybe you don’t want to know what hosting is, domain, how plugins work and which ones to choose.

Creating landing page

You already have a website. Now you have created a product or service that you would like to distinguish from your offer. A dedicated page – a landing page – is perfect for this. It can be created in many ways. I will definitely find the perfect one for you.

Plugins update

You’ve created a page, or someone did it for you. However, the site needs updating over time. If you don’t have the time to do it. Outdated plugins can cause problems on the site.

Publication of new content

You want your site to attract new users. It is worth regularly publishing the content, Thanks to interesting content, the site is better positioned by search engines and Google.

Aktualizacja strony

Chcesz aby miała świeże informacje i wygląd. Zadbam o to aby pojawiały się na niej aktualne wiadomości.

Change the look of the page

You already have a page, but its appearance needs refresh. The attractive appearance of the site may encourage you to visit it more often.

Basic training how to use WordPress

You already have a page that was created by someone. However, you lack the certainty of how to move within it. Thanks to the training you will learn the basic elements of the WordPress and I will answer your questions. Everything at your pace.

Moderating discussions on the site

Your page is doing well, but you don’t have time to moderate the discussion?

Adding the newsletter

Social media are changeable. It is worth taking care of collecting contacts to those visiting the site. Thanks to this, you can act regardless of their whims.

Connecting with Google Analytics

Useful information is never enough. Where do your readers come from, who visits your site. You get many great tips thanks to Google Analylitics.

online course

Help in designing the course

You already have an idea for the online course. Do you lack technical support? Someone who will help you organize everything?

Creating a course platform

Adapt the course platform to your needs and possibilities. Ready solutions are available, but you can also create your own. It’s important that they suit you.

Help in promoting the course

You want to design a sales funnel that will attract your dream customers to your course. Do you want to set ads on social media? Do you need to check, if your offer is well written?

Editing materials for the course

Help editing video, audio and visual materials processing

Updating content

Do you already have a course but you want to refresh it? Maybe you need to add new PDFs or add new recordings?

Payment monitoring

Help in creating sales reports. Monitoring and payment reminder.

Sending materials to students

Help in sending materials

Adding access

Adding new users

Removing users

Do you have a course that you sell for a certain period of time? I will help you update the list of participants.


You want to know what your students are saying about the course. It is worth regularly asking for their opinions.


Help in choosing a platform for the store

There are many options to choose from. You can use fixed solutions, such as shoper and shoplo, or set up your own platform.

Adding new products

If you already have a store and you don’t want to add new products to the store yourself anymore.

Store service

Everyday activities related to operating the online store.

Store update

Refreshing the look of the store

Content update

Do you want to refresh not only the look, but also the content on the site so that they attract more customers?

Payment monitoring

Checking payment timeliness and sending reminders

How to use manage the web shop training

Someone has created a store for you and you do not feel comfortable with its service? Time to change it.

Adding new solutions

Your store is developing, you need new solutions so that your customers will be better served.

Up selling

Do you have different product variants? It’s good if your customers choose the best ones.

Cross selling

Do you have related products? Introduce them to your customers!


Editing video materials

You have video material that: you would like to edit, add intro, outro, cut or add a fragment

Editing audio materials

You have audio material that you would like to edit, add an intro, outro, cut or add a fragment

Creating graphics

You can’t always use graphics services. I’m happy to prepare graphics tailored to your business.

Setting up ads on Facebook

It is worth considering some important elements so as not to lose money on ineffective advertising.

Sending newsletter

Do you want to be in touch with your customers? Newsletter is a great way to maintain good relationships.


Daily administrative tasks

Posting on social media

Do you want to post on social media, but you don’t have the time?

Mailbox support

Replies to emails from your clients

Company messenger support

Answer the questions asked by the messenger


Get to know your customers better with the right questions.


Most often chosen


This is a 5-hour package so you can start delegating tasks. If you want to test different tools, be convinced that you have made the right choice.

The package is valid for 30 days.

Price per hour: 14,50 Euro + BTW / around 16 USD + VAT

Package price 72,50 Euro + BTW/ around 81 USD + VAT




It’s a 10-hour packet thanks to which you can delegate some of your tasks you don’t want to spend time on. If you already have a plan, or want to create one that you can use to grow your business.

The package is valid for 30 days.

Price per hour: 14 Euro + BTW/ around 15,75 USD + VAT

Package price: 140 Euro + BTW / around 157 USD + VAT


It’s a 20-hour package that lets you get rid of unwanted tasks. We can jointly implement a project that you have been thinking for a long time, and to which you missed a small team.

The package is valid for 30 days.

Price per hour: 13,50 Euro + BTW/ around 14,50 USD + VAT

Package price 270 Euro + BTW/ around 304 USD + VAT


How to start? Make an appointment with me for a free half-hour consultation during which we will discuss the details. You can also order one of the above packages.

what my clients say about me

Flexibility, smile, honesty and giving feedback. I recommend it to anyone who does not want or dislikes dealing with newsletter launcher topics and other technical and administrative topics related to www.

Helena Borys

Enthusiasm, independence, smile, organization, curiosity of news, reason, openness to various possibilities, testing different solutions, searching for new solutions, self-control, calmness, grounding, you have the ability that at the same time you can get really wound up,  it is well-established, it’s great!

Voca Ilnicka

If it were possible to give 6 stars, I would do it immediately. Cooperation with Ania is pure pleasure: fast, efficient and effective. And very nice! I highly recommend

Małgorzata Welman

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