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Apart from coffee,

I love to test new solutions

Learner and input are my top talents. This means that I love to acquire and share knowledge.

Coffee Bean

A sociologist by education

Coffee Bean

with extensive experience in corporations

Coffee Bean

I support women's businesses with passion

My name is Anna Kot and I support female businesses

As a virtual assistant, I help business owners free time for important things. By delegating tasks related to a website, store or online course to me, they gain space for the development of their company. It brings them more profit and pleasure.

I do this because I realized that there is a certain blockade that does not allow enterprising women to reach the next level. On the one hand, it’s often undermining one’s own value, and on the other, fear of technology. I realized that I could be someone who creates a bridge to reach a higher level.

The first time I realized that this is what I want to do was while writing my master’s thesis. At that time, I analyzed statements made by Polish politicians regarding laws on women. At that time a lamp was lighting up in me indicating a certain mismatch.

Since then, I felt that my fate is connected with strengthening the role of women in the world. I didn’t know how to do it for a long time. A breakthrough came after recovering from the crisis and leaving the corporation. Thanks to the wonderful people I met on my path, my development through courses and books, I felt I wanted to create something of my own. I saw in myself the talents and skills that I want to use in practice supporting women’s businesses.

I graduated from, among others, Agata Dutkowska Flying School, a course in making websites Ewelina Muc’s. I participate in a course on creating courses  by Mirek Burnejko, and an annual training in the strategy of company by Bartek Popiel. As you can see, acquiring new skills is important to me and, above all, I enjoy it.

What my clients say about me:

Flexibility, smile, honesty and giving feedback. I recommend it to anyone who does not want or dislikes dealing with newsletter launcher topics and other technical and administrative topics related to www..

Helena Borys

Enthusiasm, independence, smile, organization, curiosity of news, reason, openness to various possibilities, testing different solutions, searching for new solutions, self-control, calmness, grounding, you have the ability that at the same time you can get really wound up,  it is well-established, it’s great!

Voca Ilnicka

If it were possible to give 6 stars, I would do it immediately. Cooperation with Ania is pure pleasure: fast, efficient and effective. And very nice! I highly recommend

Małgorzata Welman

I help women in planning and implementing tasks they approach as a hedgehog. Thanks to cooperation with me, they regain time to do what they love the most.

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then I invite you to conversation with me. During which we can discuss your doubts. It doesn’t oblige you to do anything, and you can gain a good starting point and action plan in the posting process.

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